The Brain​.​The Mind​.​The Heart

by Tattoo Money

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The Brain.The Mind.The Heart. 12.9.14

These are the 3 governing bodies that control all actions and decision making in our lives. Matters of Life, love, health, & finances are all controlled by "The Brain.The Mind.The Heart". Depending on the subject, one body may be deemed as the leader of the group in decision making. The weight of influence amongst the 3 groups is not always and almost never equal. Rarely is there ever a unanimous decision made amongst the bodies whether the 3 or only 2 are involved in the decision making, but you get the ultimate answer when you have a unanimous agreeance amongst "The Mind.The Brain.The Heart." if they all agree, or if they all disagree rest assure the choice is the ultimate right choice for your survival

The Brain - the brain is the birthplace of all logic. The brain only knows "Right" & "wrong" , "Black and white", "Needs" not "Wants". Having the first vote In all choices made, the brain is also has the weakest influence in many of the choice areas of life. The brain can be out voted and overpowered by the mind and the heart. The brain will advise.The brain's main concern is your Survival. It will give you the logical answer and choice , then step back and let things play out. Always ready to say "I Told you so"

The Mind - Many would think that the brain and the mind are the same thing, but they are not. The thing that separates the Mind from the brain and the heart is the fact that the brain and the heart are physical things the mind is not incased in a physical form, and is what makes it the most powerful of the 3. No physical limitations. the mind is made of pure "will" and "want" and this combination together can over power the influences of The Brain and The heart, serperate or together no matter what the subject is. The mind has the power to "Make" and if the mind wants it, it will be so, whether the choice is the best for you does not matter to the mind.

The Heart - The Heart is delicate, but loud , illogical, but persuasive. The heart is not "Need" nor "Will" its all "Want". the heart is the rogue of the group and the least Co-Operative. the heart is selfish, and will do what it can to get what it wants. the heart is clever because it is known to hide behind and disguise itself. the heart can make you believe that the choice it wants to you to make is a Brain decision or Mind decision. it forms alliances with any of other two not in the spirit on camaraderie but only to get what it wants.the heart makes a lot of bad decisions, but when these decision are made, the heart also feels the pain the most.The loudness of the heart will reverberate throughout the whole body to the point that the pain can be crippling and make you feel almost near death.

This album is about human interaction, the relationships that we form whether romanic or friendships and the effects they have on The Brain,The Mind,The Heart and the effects The brain.The mind and the Heart have on them.


released November 27, 2014

All Songs Written,and Produced By Pete Armour


all rights reserved


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